Axe The Period Tax

According to the majority of States in the US necessities of life include chewing gum and lobster. You know what they don’t include? Feminine hygiene products.

For every pack of gum sold that is not affected by sales tax, there is a woman paying up to 10% in sales tax for her box of tampons and pads. Can someone please design a candy bar that doubles as a tampon? No?

Well then it’s high time we follow suit after our more progressive sister country, Canada. Women there have been fighting the good fight for the last 20 years to have sales tax removed from sanitary products. After their victory in July, 2015 other countries like the UK and Australia are under pressure to do the same.

Where does this leave us in the USA? How is it fair that women are still paid less than men for the same job and yet they have to pay more to manage their periods? If men had periods would there be tax on pads and tampons? We think not.

We hope you sign our petition and share the #AxeThePeriodTax to end the illogical and sexist luxury sales tax on sanitary products.

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