Cramps? Try These 5 Yoga Poses!

yogo-for-crampsWhether you’re pregnant, experiencing period cramps, or need a good stretch after a long day at the office, here are some yoga poses to help relieve pain and stretch your muscles!

The poses below are gentle and help with lower back, shoulders, and legs. They’ll help get your blood moving–something that may not happen when you’re sitting at a desk all day–and relieve stress, tension, or pain.

Before you begin, make sure you have a comfortable place on the floor, big enough for you to lie in. Lay out a large beach towel if you want, or even better, a yoga or Pilates mat.

Cat & Cow Pose
Get down on all fours, your knees hips apart and your hands at shoulder width. In neutral position, your back should be straight. As you inhale, push up with your arms, round your spine, and look down. As you exhale, look up, arch your back, and lift your chest, with your abdomen pushing into the ground. Repeat this a few times.

This stretch is great to relieve headaches and tension in your neck, spine, and abdomen, as well as stretch your spine.

Cobra Pose
If you’re still on all fours, slowly lower your whole body to the ground. (If you’re pregnant, skip this pose!) Bring your hands to your armpits so they are underneath your shoulders and tuck your elbows into your chest. Push up with your arms, lifting your chest up while keeping the shoulders down and relaxed. Push down to the floor with your legs and the top of your feet. Keep looking forward, and don’t forget to relax your face, jaw, and shoulders!

This helps lengthen the spine and stretches your lower back.

Child’s Pose
Sit down with your legs folded beneath you. Spread your knees apart. With arms raised up, lean slowly forward until your chest touches your thighs and your hands and head rest on the floor. Alternately, you can rest your arms beside you. Breathe deeply until you’re ready to get up.

This pose is usually used at the end of a yoga session and helps stretch the back, hips, and shoulders.

Happy Baby Pose
Now we’re going to move onto your back. While lying down, draw your knees up towards your chest and grab your feet from the inside (or if too stiff, grab behind your thighs). Pull your feet down so the knees extend to other side of you and your hips come closer to the floor. Rock gently from side to side while breathing deeply.

This opens up your hips and groin, and the rocking motion gently massages your back.

Eagle Twist Pose
Finally, bring your legs back down to the floor. Keep your left leg extended but bend your right knee with your right foot still touching the ground. Extend your right arm and turn your head so you can see your right hand. Slowly tilt your right knee over your left leg, using your left hand to bring it towards the ground. Don’t push yourself! Hold and breathe. Bring yourself back to the center, switch sides, and do again.

The twist stretches and moves your back and helps relieve pain that can occur in your lower abdomen or back.

Once you return back to center, feel free to lie on the floor for as long as you’d like. You deserve it!

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